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Finally!..A Simple Way For You To Eliminate All Guess Work And Easily Increase Your Web Site Profits By Up To 243%!..So Easy, A Child Could Do it!

Amazing New Software Makes It A Point-And-Click Process!

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Dear friend,

What would it be worth to you if you could find out exactly what worked and what didnt on your sales letter?

Or better yet, what if somebody told you, and specifically pointed out certain problem spots on your web site that are decreasing sales?

The fact is, hiring somebody to do that would cost you a fortune. You could expect to pay somebody thousands of dollars to go through your sales letter and edit the problem areas!

So whats the answer?

What is much less costly, and in most cases even better than hiring a professional?

The answer is testing!

Testing different ideas on your sales letter is the only surefire way that you can increase sales.

If You Arent Testing Your Sales Letter,
Then Youre Losing Money!

The simple fact is, testing will work for anybody selling something online.

As long as you have a sales letter, you can test different aspects of it and instantly generate higher conversions.

Higher conversions equal more sales, which means more money in your pocket.

The idea is to use what is called split testing. Split testing is where you send traffic to 2 (or more) different sales pages. Each sales page has one piece of it different from the other.

Here is an example; Visitor A goes to sales page one. Visitor B goes to sales page 2. Visitor C goes to sales page one again and so on.

The only difference between sales page one and sales page two is the one section of the sales letter that you are testing. For instance, headlines.

Here are a few things you should be split testing on a regular basis:

Your sales letters headlines
Your opening
Your sub-headlines
Your guarantee
Different web site designs
Your close or call to action
Your order form
And more..
Then, you tally up how many sales came from sales page one, and then how many sales that sales page two generated. Whichever sales pages generated more sales is the one that is more effective, meaning it makes you more money with the same amount of traffic!

Split testing is the easiest way to increase profits without increasing expenses.

The problem is, all of this testing can be very time consuming. Doing this manually will takes hours each week and could drastically expend valuable business resources..

What You Need Is A Software Program That Will Handle All Of The Testing For You!

Spending all of your time doing this manually would be insane. You need to be spending your time building your business, not slaving away like a dog.

All you need is some specific software that will handle the whole split testing process for you. A set it and forget it technology that literally works in the background, making your more money every day.

Software like this has been hard to find, and usually incredibly expensive, until now!

Introducing The Split-Test Profits Automation System!

The Split-Test Profits Automation System is a new software program specifically designed to increase your web sites conversion ratios with incredible ease.

This system will let you completely automate the entire split-testing process, giving you full statistics to that you know without a doubt what is making you money and what isnt.

With The Split-Test Profits Automation System, You Can:

Split test between 5 different sales pages

View full statistics of your sales pages.

See conversion ratios of your sales pages.

Automatically see which sales page is producing the most sales for you.

View past months statistics

Create multiple split testing accounts to test more than one sales page/product at a time.

It doubles as a stat tracker to tell you where your traffic is coming from.

And much more..
As you can see, this program is fully loaded to completely automated the split testing process and instantly reveal what is making you money!

Using this system will allow you to explode profits by making simple changes to your sales letter each time the program unveils a winning sales page!
You Can Start Creating Exploding Your Sales And Making More Money In Less Than 5 Minutes From Now!

You can have this system setup and ready to go quickly! Once it is installed, you just point and click using the admin interface, it could not be easier!

And the best part is, I am not charging an arm and a leg. Other testing software of this calibre is currently selling for $300+ online. But, I have decided to do something very special. For a limited time, I am running a marketing test. I am only charging $397 for a copy of this software!

That is a small price to pay considering how easily you will be able to skyrocket your sales using this software. Now is the time to join the online winners and start testing your way to massive profits!

I have decided to introduce this breakthrough software at the amazing price of $397

Special Test Price:

Only $197:

A Full 6 Month No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Try out the software for 6 months. Use it on all of your sites. If you cant dramatically increase sales and profits with ease, then I will give you your money back, no questions asked! Plus, since this system is designed to increase your profits, you will make back your money quickly with your first split-test. There is absolutely no risk!

Start Increasing Your Profits With Easy Today...

I have seen other pop-up programs selling for $300+ on the Internet that dont have the power of this software.

But, with the special marketing test, I cannot guarantee the low $197 price forever.. So you must act now!

Click Here To Order Today For

The Test Price Of Just $397 $197!

Your passwords to download the package will be emailed to your instantly!

Yours Truly,


P.S. Remember that this price will not last forever. It will be going up soon. Dont miss your chance and Act now

P.P.S. Nowhere else will you find such powerful software for so cheap. Order today and start increasing your profits immediately!

Dont miss out...order now!

If you have any questions, CONTACT ME


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