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Thumbnail Dance Hall Music

Dance Hall Music

Dance hall in its general meaning is a hall for dancing. From the earliest years of the twentieth century until the early 1960s, the dance hall...

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Thumbnail Reggae Music Loop

Reggae Music Loop

Reggae is a form of urban music that first became popular with Latin American youths in the early 1990s. Reggaeton's predecessor originated in Panama as reggae...

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Thumbnail Film Score Loop

Film Score Loop

Film scores encompass an enormous variety of styles of music, depending on the nature of the films they accompany. The majority of scores are orchestral works...

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Thumbnail Alternative Dance Loop

Alternative Dance Loop

alternative dance started with new order in 1983 on album Power, Corruption Lies this album is are origins of alternative dance is strongly influenced by...

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Thumbnail Slow Beat Loop

Slow Beat Loop

the first order of business for you is to determine what beat the music is playing to. There are slow beats, fast beats, and everything in...

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Thumbnail Blues Shuffle Loop

Blues Shuffle Loop

Blues is a genre and musical form that originated in African American communities in the "Deep South" of the United States around the end of the...

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Thumbnail Harmonica Loop Music

Harmonica Loop Music

Harmonica players who amplify their instrument with microphones and tube amplifiers, such as blues harp players, also have a range of techniques that exploit properties of...

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Thumbnail Slow Music Loop

Slow Music Loop

As it is something entirely different, a lot of artists want to dabble with slow music. Many have succeeded in their dabbling and really produced worthwhile...

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Thumbnail Alternative Music Loop

Alternative Music Loop

Alternative music shares some features with rap. If you are not a fun of rap music, you might be shaking your head now and changing your...

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Thumbnail Acoustic Music Loop

Acoustic Music Loop

Acoustic guitars form several notable subcategories within the acoustic guitar group: classical and flamenco guitars; steel string guitars, which include the flat topped, or "folk," guitar;...

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